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Parafina Anti Blue Light Glasses

Parafina Anti Blue Light Glasses

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We are here to make an impact, to leave a positive footprint in our environment and in our society. We are here to prove that there are other ways of doing things, and to state that is the responsibility of brands to offer sustainable products to all of us who consume fashion or any kind of service.

We produce our eyewear with 100% recycled materials. These are the materials we use to create our eyewear. If we hadn’t recycle them, these products would have otherwise ended up in our oceans, burnt into our atmosphere or buried into our land. Now they can serve for a new purpose, which is to give our eyewear some of the amazing characteristics these materials have: flexibility, resistance, lightweight… It’s a win to our planet and a win to our glasses.

  • Recycled PET Plastic
  • Recycled Rubber Collection
  • Recycled Cork
  • Recycled HDPE Plastic
  • Hybrid Bamboo

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