About Us


We're a family-run business based in the growing and spectacular region of Waterloo, Canada,

CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel* is a certified B Corp retail environment, we proudly offer B Corp Certified adventure & lifestyle brands - exclusively.

Being a B Corp means adhering to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We take a rigorous approach to business decisions by focusing on people and planet, in addition to profit.

True to our B Corp commitment we donate 10% of all proceeds to local registered charity. We donate 10% - always, off the top, not after our bills are paid.

 Meet Dan Vandermolen - Founder & Owner

"I spent a number of years working in the film and TV industry in Toronto Canada, before changing careers and pivoting to a leadership position in a not-for-profit organization. I proudly worked with a small team that managed and led a highly successful thrift store in Waterloo region. This is where my passion for service and a vision for business for the benefit of others was ignited.

The fast pace of film life contrasted with the personal engagement and power of community I experienced in the not-for-profit world gave me the idea to create CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel. I have been searching for a professional career that would fulfill my need for creativity, my desire to create a for-profit business that is environmentally and sustainability driven, and my passion for community building. I could not find it, so I decided to create it!

I have come to realize that everyone can learn, and everyone can do a bit better. It is better to take one small step closer to a goal than no step at all."


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*CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel is a 10/90 Community Inc brand.