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Chico Bag Reusable 2 Layer Facemask

Chico Bag Reusable 2 Layer Facemask

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ChicoBag Facewear is made from quality, sports polyester that is breathable with a soft upcycled cotton interior that is comfortable against your face. Durable, machine washable and convenient to use - a single reusable ChicoBag face mask can save an estimated 547 single-use masks from the waste stream! 

The wash-and-wear feature means you can wear one, then stash it safely in its pouch for washing later while you switch to a fresh mask. Snug fit to Improve Safety & Breathability: Mask fits snugly against your face, comfortably around your ears OR head.

  • Flexible, Anti-Fog Metal Nose Bridge: removes a common air-gap that fogs up glasses and reduces the effectiveness of other masks.
  • Versatile & Comfortable: Soft silicone adjustable ear loops, and a behind-the-head adjustable strap help to relieve stress on the ears, and is easier to wear with glasses.
  • Adjustable straps allow the wearer to customize their fit to be worn with glasses, behind a ponytail/ hair bun, or even below the occipital bone (the bump on back of your skull)
  • Safe, Comfortable Materials: Outer Layer made out of breathable, knitted sports polyester; Inner Layer made of soft, upcycled woven cotton
  • Safe to Use: BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Phthalate Free
  • Approved safe use for COVID-19 (tested and certified by Centexbel)
  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Filtration - PFE Rating of 72% at .3 Microns

Mask comes in a Containment Pouch with metal carabiner clip: keeps your clean mask clean, and your contaminated mask contained after use. Carabiner clip can be used to attach the 'mask in pouch' to a backpack, purse, keyring, etc. so you always have it close by.

When choosing a mask, Fit, Comfort and Filtration are key factors in performance.

This breathable 2 Layer mask appears thin but offers protection that passes European standards for testing and effectiveness of community face coverings, CEN Workshop Agreement June 2020.

Made Responsibly and Ethically in Cambodia with Fair Labour certification. ChicoBag Company is Climate Neutral Certified, B Corp Certified and a member of 1 % for the Planet

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