Business Partners

Our partnerships with local business are no different from our commitment to local charity. We want to help promote and enhance the people who are working hard to make our community a better place.  

Our commitment to our chosen local business partners includes promotion in our store, on our website, and across our social media channels.

You might wonder, why would a company want to partner with us? Good question. Lucky for you, we have a good answer!

But first let us recognize the routine.

We go to work, do our best to support passion, to feel engaged, to value others and to create value. It's tough to realize that there's a world outside our own when our day-to-day life is consumed with job and family. Successful employers see this, they know that their employee’s happiness and productivity are important investments.

Finding a way to unify a corporate team is hard. Companies try many things to build a sense of trust and belonging. Paintball is fun, but not up everyone’s alley. Bowling is a giant alley of fun, but still not for everyone. Wine tasting, comedians on site, sushi making classes…you can name lots of activities employers use to engage employees. There is nothing wrong with these options, but what we offer is business with a twist.

 We offer education, community engagement, shopping, and food and drink all in one place.

 We offer a new door out of the room of mediocre and into a fresh hallway of perspective and promise.  

We believe there is no one more engaged than a selfless person. 

Imagine your team, everyone, being on the same page; wanting to grow and help others. That's where we come in.

What we offer is a chance for your team, your colleagues, your work family, to learn and grow together. We offer a chance to help your team show what you know is at their core - caring and passionate people unified in the desire to make their community a better place.

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