What is CHANGE?

CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel is the next generation of retail. It's the intentional act of engaging in the business process to try and improve the lives of every stakeholder involved and sharing the rewards with others.

That might sound like a lot of fancy words to come up with an explanation, so here are some less fancy ones. 

 We donate 10% of gross sales because we believe the act of tithing, of giving first, is the best way to live.

 We sell only B Corp Certified brands because we believe that is the best way to do business.

 We believe that business does not have to be a cutthroat-step-on-everyone-to-get-to-the-top environment.

 We believe that the world is in a challenging place and we owe future generations our most educated steps forward to ensure a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

 We believe that products should be manufactured sustainably and ethically.

 We believe that everyone is important, and should be treated equally.

We also believe that this page so far is a bit heavy! Man, that is a lot of beliefs!

This is our attempt to do better. It is not a condemnation of others, their processes or choices. For us, it's about putting a priority on caring for others, our environment and our future, AND trying to do a little more about it.

This time, this life is a gift. Best experienced with good people, doing good things. That is what we are about.

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