It's official!

It's official!

You know when people do not win an Oscar, they say “It’s an honour just to be nominated.” I used to think that was a cheesy way to accept defeat. Except, now I realize, it is not defeat at all. It's a genuine way of acknowledging its great to be recognized with other amazing talent.

That’s how I feel today! It's an honour to be recognized! We received our Pending B Corp Certification today - I am so excited! If you are wondering what B Corp is, click here to swing on over.

Pending B Corp certification (the B stands for Beneficial) is a temporary status given to organizations that are new, and do not have a proven business history to provide proof of success. After our first year, we will submit and begin the process to gain full B Corp Certified status.
BUT, right now we were assessed on our idea and planned implementation and we made the necessary legal changes to qualify, and we chose to be part of the process!
After all that, we were given the pending certification.  

Can I get an H - E double hockey sticks YEAH!

B Corp Certified companies that are 'for profit' organizations using business as force for good. Those organizations, I mean we 😊, meet higher standards of social and environmental impact, transparency, and accountability to stakeholders, rather than just shareholders. That’s why we're excited about being part of this group of organizations trying to use their influence for social impact as well as business gains. 

It's a commitment to do better today, and tomorrow.

I am not good at talking myself up. My Oscars speech would be the worst. Tears and snot bubbles, and it wouldn’t make any sense for sure. But what I do know is I would be happy to be in the room. Happy to be nominated, happy to be part of talent and vision. That is where I am now. I am getting a chance to walk the red carpet and sit in the room full influential people. I am in that room with amazing organizations trying to CHANGE the world.

#BCorp #BCorps #BTheChange

Learn more about B Corps - Join the movement!

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