Here comes your parcel!

Here comes your parcel!

Online and shipped to your home is the way things are now. It's not my first choice, but it's not a bad choice.

I like in-person shopping. I like to see people, and I like people to see what they are buying before they buy it. I think shopping should be an intentional experience. Its your hard-earned money, I want you to get more than just the shirt. You need a little relational sizzle with the steak!

Speaking of sizzle, when your package arrives from CHANGE, you might not get the same kind of sizzle you would from other places. That’s because I do not like tissue paper. I also do not like greeting cards. I love the sentiment, but I don’t know what to do with them when once I’ve read them. Same with the tissue paper and the extra tags and the nice twine that hangs the tags.  I know, I am a grump. But I am also a realist about how much goes into manufacturing, transporting, waste etc. There is so much packaging on everything. That’s your recycling bin each week, packaging. Recycling is great! Its closing the loop. It makes better use of the resources we have. Love the recycle! But I love not having to recycle more.

I do not begrudge any of the brands that do this, I don’t have anything negative to say about how or what others do to promote their brand. I’m selling fantastic brands that are doing amazing packaging and promotion, and I think they are awesome. But they are already doing their thing, so I’m going to do my thing, which is nothing. 😉

So, when you get a package from us, you won’t receive any CHANGE bells and whistles labelling or extra packaging. Not because we don’t care about you or your impression of us, the amazing item you are buying or your package opening experience. 

It's because we do not want you to have to throw more things away. We want your purchase to be a memorable one. The item you are buying is memorable. Buying B Corp is memorable. Buying from CHANGE to help build community with our donations, that is memorable. That value I can’t translate to a tag or tissue or crinkle wrap, so I’m not going to try! But we also are trying to do things different for good. We want to CHANGE the way things are done.

So, when you buy from us you will get one small postcard to put on your fridge, so you can remember that you made a choice to make a difference with your purchase.

Think of it as a lovely greeting card from us reminding you that you are the reason CHANGE happens!

I would love to hear what you think.

Learn about our Shipping & Refund policies for complete details.

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So pumped! Love that you’ll be in St. Jacob’s; just down the street from me! I love what you’re doing to make CHANGE happen. It’s so needed, especially in these difficult times. Mark On!

Lisa Whitehead

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