CHANGE Happens on Thursdays - the video!

CHANGE Happens on Thursdays - the video!

“We are trying to create an environment where we can take the guesswork out for you.”

Taking place at one of our Thursday night speakers series events, this video offers a peek into what motivates us at CHANGE, and an inside look at one of our premier brands, Tentree.

While sharing about CHANGE’s commitment to be an earth-friendly, community driven retail space, Dan reveals what inspires him about the B Corp Certified movement, and why he thinks it’s important to be transparent.

“It’s hard once you start moving into that space of trying to be aware. There’s a lot of information you have to sift through and there’s a lot of mistrust about everything. We want to create a space for people to come and see, yeah, actually I know the materials that are in there are sourced properly, the dyes are disposed of properly, where the cotton was grown, and the farmers were actually paid a fair wage.”

We are honoured to stand alongside our premier brands as a B Corp Certified company – committed to using our business as a force for good in our community.

Thank you to our amazing rep and partner Kelly from Tentree and for her motivating presentation on Tentree’s commitment to reforestation and sharing her personal reflections of her time as a tree-planter.

Also, a deep note of gratitude to the incredibly talented team at Vero Media for offering to capture this event with this video. Vero Media is dedicated to "crafting powerful narratives for organizations driving positive change." Their approach to video production is inspiring – thank you!
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