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U Konserve

U Konserve bamboo Utensil

U Konserve bamboo Utensil

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Help reduce the 40 billion plastic forks, spoons and knives that are thrown away every year. Our eco-friendly portable bamboo spork is perfect for work and school lunches, picnics, playdates and travel. Always be prepared to forgo single-use utensils when ordering takeout, at the farmer's market, or on a trip. Lightweight and durable, this on-the-go spork is ideal for your purse, backpack or lunchbox.

Our compact reusable bamboo duo (one side is a fork and one side is a spoon) is more functional than a traditional spork because the fork has full-size tongs. This all-in-one travel utensil is hand-finished with a food-safe oil.

• Made of sustainably harvested bamboo
• Free of BPA, BPS, phthalates and lead

6.5" x 1.4"

Hand wash


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