CHANGE Waffle Knit Touque

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Our friends at KNOWN SUPPLY helped us out with a fantastic CHANGE touque. They had no idea that that’s what they were doing though. They said, " Well for winter be have a really awesome recyced fabric beanie." I said "You mean like the musical food? Why would I want that on my head?" I waited for the laughs. Still waiting for them actually. So i said, "What the H-E-double hockey sticks is a beanie?" They said "OH, there it is... a hockey reference from a Canadian. Wondered how long it woud take." I said " Sorry, I didnt want to swear." Then they said " Oh,yeah, an apology from a nice Canadian, that didn't take long either!" I said "K, so I could shirt ya and then drive a few into yer dome...or you coud tell me what the hell a beanie is." "Alright already, you don't have to get so angry. Its a winter hat." he said. "Oh a touque!" I said, "Sounds great, lets do it. " And so we did. The CHANGE recycled fabric waffle knit touque was born. Enjoy.