The trouble with cost

The trouble with cost

It’s come to our attention that there is an online shopping platform known as Amazon. Have you heard of this?

Ha. Obviously, I’m kidding. They deliver to people living under rocks even, everyone’s heard.

There are lots of angles to discuss: the convenience, the pricing, the footprint and the shipping impact. The online Amazon phenomena that has changed the retail landscape. Some good for sure, some not. This isn't a rip on Amazon, or the online sales process. It’s just a perspective on price. Specifically our prices.

When people shop with us at our store, we sell items for MSRP – Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). That’s the price that the manufacturer has determined the products cost when being sold, and directly tied to that is the cost retailers purchase each item for. MSRP is the price we have on our website and in-store and we work with our brands to provide consistent pricing.

There isn't a lot negotiate. That’s part of the deal we make when we sign-on to sell these brands. That’s why we really like B Corp brands. They work to help retailers as well as the consumer. We are all partners in the process.

  • Brands make a product that is branded and manufactured in quality, and the products have value beyond the cost.
  • We agree to purchase and sell those brands based on the fact that they have integrity in business, craftsmanship in their manufacturing will continue to have those characteristics.

  • And you the purchaser buy based on brand information, on style, comfort, quality, brand ideal and what they stand for, and do you look/feel damn good when you wear/use the product.

That’s why we buy the brands we do. They hold their value and we hope the brands hold their cost as well.

If you are ever searching and see that the brands are selling for less than we are, let us know. We’d love to know if we’ve missed an email or a memo from  our brands letting us know about a sale we can pass on to you. Its an always evolving process that we are trying to do as well as we can in the most honest way possible.

Thanks for supporting our brands. Please contact us if you have any thoughts or questions. We love to hear from our shoppers!


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