Open on Sundays?

Open on Sundays?


Well, we work in retail so there isn’t much a discussion; yes, we should be open on Sundays.

This topic has been enough of a stress for me to want to write a blog about it. We should be open, its a no-brainer. We are in small tourist town, we are new and trying to make enough money to keep the lights on, and no one would give us any sympathy if we had trouble and weren’t open on Sundays. Its part of the gig.

But we aren’t open.

And if I could be so bold, I'll tell you why.

I want one day with my entire family. I want one day to enjoy my son before, in a blink he’s out of the house. I want a day to chill. Plus, I don’t ever remember hearing someone say on their death bed that they wished they had spent more time at work.

I know, privilege. And I can’t disagree. I am very privileged to have this as a discussion point. Some would say just hire someone to work Sundays. Help someone out. That’s true, it might come to that. But right now, it’s a one-man show and I need to have my family time. 

This isn’t a defence blog, or a 'convince you of my opinion blog' - its just a here’s the info kind of blog.

I hope you can support us the other days of the week in store, or online 7 days a week. We look forward to building the best community we can with your help, and that you and your family are safe and healthy and well as we move to, fingers crossed, a better place!  

Thank you - as always for your support and interest!

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