Introducing our new charity partner!

Introducing our new charity partner!

Welcome to 2022!

As we head into the first full week of the new year, we're thrilled to introduce our new charity partner: Leadership Waterloo Region!

Leadership Waterloo Region (LWR) is a local social-profit organization working to address the leadership gap in Waterloo region by providing community focused leadership training.

This is community building at its very core! LWR delivers educational leadership experiences to a broad cross-section of community members through collaborations with diverse and inclusive organizations in Waterloo Region.

LWR works to build vibrant, resilient and inclusive communities by encouraging, empowering and equipping current and future leaders to unleash positive change in their communities.

Helping others to be better, and make a difference in our community. We think this will be a very nice fit!

What does this mean?

From January 1 - March 31, 2022 we'll donate 10% of all sales directly to Leadership Waterloo Region.

Happy 2022, we look forward to working with you Leadership Waterloo Region!

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