B Corp Month Party & Sale

B Corp Month Party & Sale

If you haven’t heard, we are very excited to be the only store, that we can find, in the world that is committed to only selling B Corp Certified brands.

We really believe in the B Corp movement. 

SO, to celebrate this awesome month, we are hosting a party & sale with items to give away, and local food and speakers etc. to say thank you to all the B Corp businesses out there.

Its kind of like that acknowledging nod two people give each other when they pass each other in the gym. Its not because they look good, or have a perfect body, its the show of respect for embracing the challenge to be better, for committing to continually improve and knowing it doesn’t end.

No one decides to push the envelope for the approval of others, they do it because they feel it’s the right things to do.

That’s why we are excited to welcome any employee that works for a B Corp business for a 30% off the entire store sale, food, and drink and lots of prizes and giveaways.

It’s a little thank you for blazing the trail and continually walking that new path.

When: Saturday, March 26th
Time: All day! 10am - 6pm
Where: CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel in beautiful St. Jacobs Village

Can't wait to see you!



CHANGE Lifestyle & Apparel proudly join the B Corp Certified family with our pending status!

We are committed to using our business as a force for good and are on the path to become a Certified B Corporation.

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